Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preschool Pizzazz - X is for X-Ray and Doc McStuffins

Big Sis loves all things doctory {made up word}!  Since she got her doctor kit over a year ago, she has gained quite a bit of experience in checking our blood pressures, listening to our hearts, and mending our boo boos.  I knew that as we learned the letter X that we would focus on X-ray.  This was a great opportunity to extend her learning into an area that is already high interest to her...the doctory stuff.  That is why we added  the Doc McStuffins theme to our week.

She was an expert at assembling this child-sized skeleton by the end of the week.

What fun with X-ray X's!  This is a crayon resist on a letter X cut-out.  She wrote x's with a white crayon and then painted the X to reveal the X-ray x's.

We studied an x-ray of a hand online and then traced her hand with a white crayon.  We then cut and glued q-tips to represent her bones.  This was a teamwork effort between the two of us.  The girl was so meticulous about having things straight and lined up like in the x-ray we were studying.

We enjoyed this video throughout the week as well.

Doc McStuffins activities on Disney Jr. were the perfect compliment to our study.  The online games were a favorite along with watching episodes of the show.  We also added Doc McStuffins printables from 1+1+1=1.

This is what I call a flip-flap book of numbers.  Big Sis identified the number on the flap.  She then flipped it  up and cut and glued figures to represent the number.  She loves cutting and gluing, so this was like a special treat for her.

This added to her love of cutting and gluing as well.  She identified the shapes and traced them.  She enjoyed cutting the shapes apart and gluing them to a piece of paper that was pink of course. 

The Doc McStuffins theme basket was her go to pick of the week.  She loved using her doctor kit to treat the characters ailments.  I love listening to her make-believe conversations.  We turned the figures into stick puppets by the end of the week and had lots of pretend play with them.

This was one of my misprints this week that was in the scrap pile.  She cut out the figures and attempted to write their names on her own by referring to some cards with their names.  I was so delighted to see her initiate this work.

Her face says it all!  She loved the Roll and Graph activity!

The little basket holds matching cards that we used to play Memory, review colors, shapes, initial letters and initial sounds in each of the characters' names.  We also clapped and identified the number of syllables in their names.  The red cup contains a heads and tails matching game that Lil Sis actually enjoyed doing this week. 

Letter Tracers for Alphabet Review

And of course coloring pages for a girl who
loves to color!

I would like to share an observation of mine as an interesting side note.  You know, those things that make you go hmmm...  I mentioned that Big Sis has loved all things doctory for over a year now.  When her interest became apparent to other observers, everyone asked her is she was going to be a nurse when she grew up.  I found myself interjecting with, "No, she's going to be a doctor."  Not that I know what she's going to be when she grows up, but I felt the need to clarify that point.  Funny thing is that when Big Brother was growing up and he was found tending to his stuffed animals no one ever asked him if he was going to be a nurse.  They all asked if he was going to be a doctor.  I think that is why I coined the term doctory when referring to her interest of all things medical.  Hmmm?

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  1. That q-tip hand xray is GREAT!! :) Love how detailed you all got with it!

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