Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tot School Tittles - Circles

Wow, am I ever finding out how different my girlies' learning styles are!  Big Sis has always thrived on the structure of a "lesson" and having everything ready for her use in a sequential order.  Lil Sis on the other hand  has a go with the flow attitude about learning.  As long as she is playing and doing her thing, it's okay for me to join in the fun with her as I teach her.  So, the challenge is, at least at this age and stage, is to look for teachable moments while she plays and at those times jump in with my lesson.  I learned this after doing things the way that I thought they should be done.  It wasn't fun for her or me.  I don't want to force learning on her.  I want it to be natural, enjoyable, and somewhat initiated by her.  The teacher in me is being stretched in this area!  

This week I looked for opportunities to teach her about circles.  We sang to the tune of the The Farmer in the Dell hundreds of times this week, "A circle is like a ball.  A circle is like a ball.  Round and round, it never stops!  A circle is like a ball."  

 Transferring Circles

Lil Sis practiced transferring circles (water bottle lids) to the openings in an ice tray.  She returned everything to the tray and carried the tray to the shelf all by herself.  That was a first and a great accomplishment for her!

Find the Circles

We counted 1-2-3 as I threw some shape cut-outs on the floor.  She then ran to find the circles.

Look what she found on a circle hunt!

It was all about Peter Pan for Big Sis' Preschool work this week.  Lil Sis was not going to miss out on any of the fun!

And...somebody had a birthday!  Lil Sis is 2!

Happy Birthday to Me!
Birthday Yumminess

This is hysterical!  She insists that she is still one!  You can see Daddy holding up two fingers after the Happy Birthday song telling her that she's two now.  Her response, "No, one!"  Okay, girls!  I didn't think that started until you were at least 29!

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